This post is more esoteric than I usually send, but great news for humanity.
The following is an excerpt from a Kryon Channeling:

There has been proof that Consciousness is Energy. It can alter physics. Example: Taking a sugar-coated pill; you’re told it will create a cure – and it does! Or a homeopathic tincture, a chemistry that is too small to create a chemical reaction. Yet it cures! What is happening in these two scenarios? How does it work?

The answer is energy and the physics of consciousness combined with something called mirror neurons. What the body sees and expects; it often creates itself. Mirror neurons can’t tell the difference between what you believe or what is happening chemically. Therefore, consciousness instructs the body to heal itself, and it does! This is how spontaneous remission may work.

This will be a new healing process. It will be the best of any that ever existed using the energy of consciousness in new, measurable, scientific ways. Scientists just can’t leave this alone; they have discovered that they are dealing with a multidimensional energy. Changes are coming to this Planet, as Kryon has told us many times before.

For more information, you can go to Then go to the menu at the bottom (challenging). Then go to #149, The Physics of Consciousness/Berkeley Springs, WVA, 6/29/2014.

This is a long read, but will help you understand so much more. If time is limited, especially read the section, The Unseen Energy of Consciousness and the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs under the section titled; The Missing Piece.

May this article bring Love, Joy, Peace, and Health in all that you do in the future.