Your feet on the bottom/plantar side of the feet, have a thick, fibrous band of tissue (fascia) from you heels to your toes. These tissues support the muscles and arch of the feet. When they’re overly


stretched, tiny tears can occur in the surface. This can cause pain and inflammation. This condition is more common in women due to footwear, being overweight or standing for several hours a day.

Over the 18 years of practice, I have worked on many people, mostly women, with this condition. I have also seen most people with fasciitis also have imbalanced hips; seems like another contributory factor.

To help my clients with reflexology, I have developed several special techniques and add the application of essential oils that are especially effective in helping with this uncomfortable problem. A great story I have for you; I worked on a man who stood all day on his feet, usually 6 days a week. I worked on him and asked him to call me in a couple of day to let me know how his feet felt. He didn’t call, but I saw him a month later. I asked how his fasciitis was doing. He said, “Oh, I no longer felt any pain, it went away and so I forgot I ever had any discomfort.”


Wouldn’t you like to have this similar kind of results? If you or a friend suffer this is problem, call me. I’d love to help you.



  1. Christina is an awesome practioner of reflexology! She treated my plantar fasciitis – felt wonderful.

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