Part 3: Quantumness of Essential Oils

Essential oils molecules are very small. This makes it so they can easily and quickly be absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. Most oils have linked carbon and hydrogen atoms that form into benzene rings with short chains. Oils like a vegetable oils forms into long chains with much larger molecules.

If someone does not know any chemistry of essential oils, you may have heard them say, “these oils are powerful”. What they are really referring to is the quantum nature of a pure essential oils. A quick example of quantum attributes: Magnets. You can see that they are attracted to one another and stick together. What you can not see is what makes that happens; that is the quantum attribute.

The short version; these benzene rings no longer behave like matter. To quote an organic chemist; they take on the properties of a standing wave with frequency, amplitude and phase. In other words, matter becomes energy. This is Einsteinian physics. Within quantum physics, things are different. There are no longer any definite locations, velocities, moments, spins, etc, only probabilities. In quantum mechanics there is uncertainty.

Therefore, essential oils should not be thought of as having fixed and specific chemical or physical qualities. A chemist would say, “they are a set of probabilities.”

This means different people receive different result from the same essential oils. The properties manifested by essential oils are a combination of chemistry, quantum physics, and the faith of user as well as a practitioner applying any oils.

I will doing an essential oil video, early in January. I’ll be announcing it soon. If you have any questions or interested in learning more, please call or email me.