2022 from a Numerology Perspective

2022 has 3 -2’s, three is a catalytic number. This means it moves other things, without changing itself. Things/energies moving through the year change.

The first 2 is duality, meaning we have free choice; to make decisions, see the differences in people and things and choose the side of love & compassion.

The 22 is a master number. Strong duality, Cosmic Law of Light. This is where the “darkness” will try to make a stand and push back against the “light”. But light always finds corruption or other darkness. Just know it’s there, the light protects and becomes stronger every year. Focus on adding your “light” to all the others and this planet.

Three 2’s equal 6; this is a high spiritual number, especially one of harmony.

This information is based on the introductory level of ancient Tibetan numerology.

This month’s message may seem somewhat cryptic, but in general, with the high spiritual energy and harmony abound, you may think about trying something new and fun or work on increasing your business if you have one. Allow the energy of the strong duality to make the decision-making process easier for you.