This article is about bringing yourself in tune with your intuition and remembering what you are already meant to encounter.

Imagination is our intuition showing you what journey to take. Imagination is the “I am the one in control”. So, did you create bad things that happened to you? Did you focus on what you didn’t want? Do you take credit for the good things that have happened to you?

Matt Kahn (has many videos on Gaia and YouTube) has said, “Our job is not to get out of our own way. Our job is to realize we are our own way”. Your determination whether you are going to be fearful or be and feel trustful. Did you know you are the one who decides the quality of your experiences? It’s not always what happens to you, but the way you choose to feel.

Direct your breath and love the noise in your mind. When your heart closes, the mind starts making up negative thoughts, so send love to your mind so it can open up again. Then you have re-grounded yourself in your present reality. When your consciousness, higher self or soul is is not in alignment with your divine self; perhaps your activity is going too fast for you to stay in that alignment. Ask self to slow down. Breathe, talk, and move slower.

The Law of Attraction is making different choices to circulate in a new energy. This is referring to the Procession of the Equinoxes. A 26,000 year wobble of the planet. This occurred approximately 12/21/12. It also called The Shift, the birth of new energies on the earth. How often do you bring new energy into your life? New or different choices, bring different experiences.

Suggestion, do not try to create specific outcomes that create an attachment to those outcomes. Look at indirect manifestations, like starting new pattern of energy. Examples: Saying “I love you” to one that doesn’t feel worthy; sit in a different chair for a couple of days; be more loving and patient with yourself; or putting your socks on a different foot first. Actively look for something different to get a new circulating energy going in your life.

Finally, think about the following statement: “What am I willing to do today in order to make it unlike yesterday?” Each new day is an opportunity to make conscious new choices.