Human Emotions are the Miracle of Miracles

The Third Kind of Alchemy and the most important kind.

Take worry and anxiety; through the alchemy of intent, transmute them into peace.

Look at the energy it takes to create worry & anxiety. What happens to your body when you were in anxiety and worry? It changed the body physiologically. Every cell knew it and felt it. All these changes are a response to an emotion that you had, now or in the past. When you intend to vibrate at a higher level, you can transmute it into peace.

The history of alchemy is from many ancient cultures around the world. The basis is the transformation of a less desirable material into something precious. In Spirituality, though, it’s bringing something into a new and higher form. The breaking down of the old and the emergence of the new. A breaking down of limiting parts within us that is standing in the way of our transformation into becoming free and a whole being again. The parts of ourselves that stops us from experiencing happiness, could be our egos, self-doubt, self-sabotaging behaviors, pride and/or arrogance for example. When we release those undesirable parts, then we can get to the next layer of ourselves, so we can find what’s going on underneath.

By understanding the principles of spiritual alchemy, you can start the process of unraveling what’s not serving you. There is so much information online and through wonderful teachers. I’m in a class now learning more about me. This class has truly raised my vibration and transformed me,

So I’m “paying it forward” in the work that I do to help you on your path through Releasing Emotional Baggage and essential oils.

Hold Your “Light”

A spiritual perspective to the turmoil in the Ukraine:

When the “light”, our light, starts to increase and show it self on this planet, the old guard will raise up and try to beat it down. No matter what the justifications are from the aggressor, it’s back to the old style of the former “conquering nations” that our grandparents and great-grandparents experienced. The leadership is from an old guard, and represents an old time on our planet. Do you recognize it?

So, my suggestion is to “hold the light”, think and BE positive. Stay in the “new energy” and not let the old energy and fear of the past dictate who you are. You, The Lightworkers of the Planet, have done a stupendous job of awakening and becoming so aware. Hold the Light! Send light to those who need it, give compassionate action to the field of this planet.

Why not give yourself the gift of “Intentional Prayer”?

First, I’ll give some information to help you get to this gift.

We carry quantum powers inside us from the moment we are born. Powers that are waiting to be released to create a fantastic life force.” Quote from Venturion Arana

Gregg Braden has offered many classes and YouTube videos on this subject. His latest and I feel one of his greatest is his Heart-Brain Coherence, Global Awakening and Evolution of Consciousness. This video and many others can be found on YouTube. It’s not that long, but is filled with science to help you better understand how powerful you are. Just a little tidbit though (can’t help to not share this), chronic stress shortens your telomeres, which in turn can shorten your life. Stress changes your chemistry, then produces too much of the hormone, cortisol. When you release stress, it boosts your immune system, is anti-aging, and optimizes your biochemistry for all over health. Gregg, has also said previously, with gratitude, appreciation and compassion you clear your thinking. Then these gamma brain waves are strongest for the heart-brain coherence.

Mary Ann Robbat says you need to heal on four levels. Physical, of course. Emotional (this includes thoughts and belief systems). Energetic, this is the space between the physical body, and the soul connection and what lives in this energy field. The 4th is Spiritual. How do we connect with our soul, how do we use our intuitive knowing more, how do we live life from that place where we are going to feel the most fulfilled on our journey?

If you watched the video, has already given you the secret. It’s just a matter of starting your visualization in your heart (not your head), focus on the outcome you desire, and the best you can see and feel it as already done/complete/come into fruition. Intend what you want and focus on that. It may be difficult at first, but keep doing it, hopefully daily. Practice makes perfect!