Did you know that insufficient breathing ultimately affects every cell in your body, because every cell requires oxygen to function.

Oxygen is carried to the cells by the flow of blood. A pattern of deep, slow breathing improves your circulation. If a pattern of shallow breathing continues, circulation throughout the body decreases. Examples: cold hands/feet, fatigue &/or lost mental concentration or clarity. Blood carries all the nutrients our cells need and carries away all toxic materials produced by cell metabolism.

The main reason for this article is that many of our current health problems seem to have stress as the main culprit. Stress is a state of emotional anxiety that is reflected in our bodies and usually leads to mouth breathing. Breathing through the nose warms, moistens, and filters the incoming air. So mouth breathing (associated with anxiety) can irritate the lungs.

Every thought/feeling we experience influences our bodies. We all know the sense of lightness that comes with joy, the adrenaline rush of rage, and the dry mouth and shaky feeling of fear. That is why experiencing a relaxing session of reflexology is important and releasing emotional baggage also releases stress, so you can move forward in life from a better state of wellness. Both modalities that I use helps me to focus more on the root cause of your imbalances.

Over the last 23 years, I have not come across anything that carries a lot of stress that doesn’t have other body issues too. I have helped so many people and I know I can help you too.