I started my path in alternative wellness in 1992 learning Reiki. Quickly took Reiki II, then the Master-teacher training. A few years later, I started leaning bodywork using a stronger way of channeling energy for my clients. Then one magic day a foot reflexology book fell off a high shelf into my hands and I have been doing reflexology since 2001. I have learned a lot of new things over the years as well as adding metaphysical principals, Chinese form of walking backwards and essential oils to my practice. I love what I do and provide an exceptional reflexology session to really help people improve their health, usually in one session.

In the fall of 2020,I added the service of Releasing Emotional Baggage using the Emotion Code from Dr. Bradley Nelson course. This wonderful work is really helping people in a different way.  I’m using two to three dimensions to do this work. 
 Early in May 2022, I found a new technique combining my two loves, releasing emotional baggage and essential oils in one powerful package.  It’s called Aroma Freedom Technique; “aroma” refers to the oils used,  and “freedom” is freedom from trapped emotions.
   Knowing some of the chemistry and quantum attributes of essential oils I know this way of releasing trapped emotions is felt so deeply and much more powerfully  by the client.  So far, clients’ feedback has been very positive and their surprise of how deep, or how far back the trapped emotions are, and how good they feel later.
I also added Spirit Energy Healing after learning I did this kind of healing work from a past life on Lemuria.  My name was Lei-lanee.  This is only 5th dimensional work.  It is more powerful than the Reiki energy that I used to use.
Work done well, with a personal touch. That’s our commitment!

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