Hold Your “Light”

A spiritual perspective to the turmoil in the Ukraine:

When the “light”, our light, starts to increase and show it self on this planet, the old guard will raise up and try to beat it down. No matter what the justifications are from the aggressor, it’s back to the old style of the former “conquering nations” that our grandparents and great-grandparents experienced. The leadership is from an old guard, and represents an old time on our planet. Do you recognize it?

So, my suggestion is to “hold the light”, think and BE positive. Stay in the “new energy” and not let the old energy and fear of the past dictate who you are. You, The Lightworkers of the Planet, have done a stupendous job of awakening and becoming so aware. Hold the Light! Send light to those who need it, give compassionate action to the field of this planet.