Why not give yourself the gift of “Intentional Prayer”?

First, I’ll give some information to help you get to this gift.

We carry quantum powers inside us from the moment we are born. Powers that are waiting to be released to create a fantastic life force.” Quote from Venturion Arana

Gregg Braden has offered many classes and YouTube videos on this subject. His latest and I feel one of his greatest is his Heart-Brain Coherence, Global Awakening and Evolution of Consciousness. This video and many others can be found on YouTube. It’s not that long, but is filled with science to help you better understand how powerful you are. Just a little tidbit though (can’t help to not share this), chronic stress shortens your telomeres, which in turn can shorten your life. Stress changes your chemistry, then produces too much of the hormone, cortisol. When you release stress, it boosts your immune system, is anti-aging, and optimizes your biochemistry for all over health. Gregg, has also said previously, with gratitude, appreciation and compassion you clear your thinking. Then these gamma brain waves are strongest for the heart-brain coherence.

Mary Ann Robbat says you need to heal on four levels. Physical, of course. Emotional (this includes thoughts and belief systems). Energetic, this is the space between the physical body, and the soul connection and what lives in this energy field. The 4th is Spiritual. How do we connect with our soul, how do we use our intuitive knowing more, how do we live life from that place where we are going to feel the most fulfilled on our journey?

If you watched the video, has already given you the secret. It’s just a matter of starting your visualization in your heart (not your head), focus on the outcome you desire, and the best you can see and feel it as already done/complete/come into fruition. Intend what you want and focus on that. It may be difficult at first, but keep doing it, hopefully daily. Practice makes perfect!